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Northern Arizona Many people are amazed at the altitudes of the Arizona high desert. Sedona sits at approximately 4,300 ft. (1311 m) in Oak Creek Canyon and is bordered to the north and east by the Mogollon Plateau which rises between 6,000 and 7,000 ft. (1830-2135 m).

Roden Crater sits at 5,440 ft. (1659 m) and is in the middle of the Painted Desert, northeast of Flagstaff. The Little Colorado River, a few miles from Roden Crater, flows north about 75 miles to the Grand Canyon. The dramatic Grand Falls are a short distance from the crater.

Sunset National Monument is in the same volcanic field as Roden Crater.

The red line indicates my commute.

Satellite Relief Map of Northern Arizona

This topographic relief map shows the dramatic landscape. The high desert has several national forests of evergreen conifer trees.

Roden Crater is in the Painted Desert. The land slopes away from the San Francisco Mountains near Flagstaff towards the canyon formed by the Little Colorado River.

Satellite Map of Arizona
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