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September 17 Lenox Square. Cyber Motorsports visits Lenox Square, the site of the Petit Le Mans technical inspection, scrutineering and "Petit Elegance" fashion show. This pictorial shows Lenox Square and the nearby entertainment district of Buckhead.

September 23 Cyber Motorsports' Petit Le Mans Preview takes a look at some of the cars, drivers and teams that will appear at the Petit Le Mans... and some that won't be there.

October 8, 1998 A Fan's Perspective of Le Mans and the Significance of the Petit Le Mans Todd Hudson is a dedicated sports car fan that has visited the classic 24 Hours of Le Mans race on numerous occasions since his first visit in 1964. Todd gives an astute account of why he has returned to Le Mans over the years and why he thinks the Petit Le Mans is important to American sports car racing.


October 6 Tuesday Scrutineering

October 7 Wednesday Scrutineering


October 8 Thursday - Practice Day


October 9 Friday Qualifying for the Petit Le Mans


October 10 Petit Le Mans


October 24 Doc Bundy In the middle of the afternoon on Thursday before the night practice, we had a chance to talk to Doc Bundy about the revolutionary Panoz Q9 Hybrid GT1. Doc is a pleasant guy to talk with and is well known around Road Atlanta. With Doc, you can ask one question and Doc will do the rest.

October 16 Jim Downing At the first day of Scrutineering, we caught Jim Downing taking a look at the festivities. We managed to get a few minutes with Jim and asked him about his new car.

October 15 Eric van de Poele On the first day of scrutineering, all of the Doyle-Risi drivers were with the car as it was being prepared for the technical inspection. It was a busy place, but we managed to get a few words with Eric.

October 14 Emmanuel Collard On the first day of scrutineering, I saw Collard's name on the Doyle-Risi car and said out loud, "You mean Collard is going to be here?" Someone replied, "Yes, he is standing in front of you!" That is how I met Emmanuel. Things were very busy while the car was being prepared and as he began to get fitted to the car. I did get to speak with Emmanuel for a couple of minutes.

October 5 Dr. Donald Panoz On the eve of the premiere Petit Le Mans, Dr. Donald Panoz breaks away from his extremely busy schedule for a few minutes to answer a couple of our questions. Our hat's are off to you, Dr. Don and hoping that you succeed with the Petit Le Mans event and the American Le Mans Series!

October 2 Didier Theys In another Cyber Chat, we talk with Ferrari driver Didier Theys who has four wins this year split between the U.S. and Europe. For Theys who has residences in the U.S. and Europe, it has been a very good year. At his last appearance at Road Atlanta in June, Theys was fastest on the track until a minor part let go that had a major effect.

September 30 Butch Leitzinger Cyber Motorsports has a chat with the hottest driver in American Prototype Sports Car racing today. We asked Butch a few questions about cars, racing and some of his personal favorites. We also ask Butch for his comments on the current state of American sports car racing and Butch is very outspoken with his views.

September 23 Bill Auberlen. At the Grand Prix of Atlanta in June, Cyber Motorsports sat down with American Bill Auberlen, who was fresh from a 4th place finish at the 1998 24 Hours of Le Mans. Auberlen drove a McLaren F1 GTR in this, his first visit to Le Mans. We were interested in Auberlen's impression of the Le Mans "experience" and what it was like to be driving in this historic race. Auberlen's comments in regard to the pageantry of Le Mans is significant as the Petit Le Mans attempts to duplicate some of this pageantry and history.

Press Releases

September 23 Panoz Announces New GT-2 based on aluminum technology chassis. [Press Release]


October 10 Online Group Meets at PLM the first meeting of the online group during the running of the PLM.


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