Cyber Motorsports Event Photos

Don Panoz congratulates Eric Bernard who had just brought the #1 Panoz LMP Roadster S/Ford into Victory Circle.

Rick Dole, noted sports car photographer, shoots his shot in the background towards me. Hey Rick, want to exchange photographs?

Don Panoz accepts the wreath of flowers and exclaims, "I feel like a race horse!" He kept the flowers for a minute and then passed them onto the Michelin mascot.
The 'Office' just as Eric Bernard left it after exiting the car in Victory Circle. On the Panoz, the instrument panel is attached to the steering wheel. It is basically a computer display from which the driver can select from different 'pages of information' to display.

The 'O' shows that the car is not running (zero rpms) and the 97.09 shows the top speed that Bernard reached on his last lap. Since the team had the victory in the bag as long as nothing happened on the last lap, Bernard must've taken it real easy around the course.

SPINS PROHIBITED reads the top red tag and FASTEN SEAT BELTS reads the bottom tag.

There appears to be two tachometers, one displays the digital readout of the rpms, while a series of lights across the top of the display offer another view.

The victorious Panoz #1 rests in victory circle after its 1000 mile battle.

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