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Petit Le Mans 2002 Race

Race Photos - Saturday, October 12 This year's Petit Le Mans was one of the best races so far in this young event's life. There were at least five cars that had a chance to win, especially if the factory Audi team faltered. The #1 Audi encountered numerous problems along the way, but the second team car fought a hard battle and prevailed with victory. New entries added excitement, variety and spice to the event and were the topic of many discussions.

Page 2 - New! Posted Tues., Oct. 15, 2002

The Grid - Saturday, October 12 New! Posted Tues., Oct. 15, 2002 This year's grid was fun and seemed much more crowded than usual and there seemed to be more of the crews having fun than usual. Crazy hats, Alf and several groups of roving beauties all made it a brief, but fun celebration before the serious business was conducted on the track .


Friday Qualifying - Friday, October 11 The front row offers no surprises, but the inside spot on row two offers a lot of surprises. There is a lot of history being made right now and I can only show the photos now and leave the interpretation till later.

Thursday Night Practice

Night Practice Photos - Thursday, October 10 It was a rainy night and the anticipated night practice was dampened as teams aimed to meet requirements and to not push their luck in the slick conditions. In the afternoon, David Donohue in the Panoz #50 crashed after attempting to turn and nothing happened at turn 10.

Wednesday Test Day

Test Day Photos - Wednesday, October 9 The cars hit the track today and some fast times were posted and new cars got a lot of attention. The new LMP 675 class is growing and shows great promise and GTS is really getting competitive between the Corvettes and the Prodrive Ferrari. There was no rain, it was cool and the crowds continue to grow.

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Tuesday at the Track

Tuesday Photos - Tuesday, October 8 The crowds were already starting to grow as the teams unpacked and began their preparation for the fifth annual Petit Le Mans. If you are going to be camping, you had better leave now for the track.

Drivers Meet the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders at Andretti Speed Lab

Andretti Speed Lab - Monday, October 7 The first event of the 2002 Petit Le Mans will be held at Andretti Speed Lab in the north Atlanta suburbs. Drivers, Falcon Cheerleaders and the Media were on-hand to open the week of celebration of the Petit Le Mans. The ALMS/IMSA group is working its way from Miami to Atlanta and the driver representation was small, but the Atlanta Falcon Cheerleaders made up for their absence.

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